The public is becoming well aware of the many ways in which the environment can impact our health – as individuals and as a society.    Nurses who are the most trusted sources of health information have challenged themselves to become capable, science-based players in the world of environmental health.  Nurses are greening their curriculum, greening their hospitals, engaging in environmental health research, and advocating for policies at the institutional, local, state, and national level that protect people from environmental health risks and promote a healthy and sustainable world.

Given that almost one in every one hundred Americans is a Registered Nurse, the prowess of this incredible community to educate the public, influence policy makers, and help heal the planet is virtually unlimited.

New: MDH2E Annual Award for Nursing Leadership in Environmental Health – The MD H2E Nursing Leadership in Environmental Health Award is given annually to a nurse in Maryland who displays leadership and exemplifies excellence in environmental health and sustainability in healthcare. Selection criteria include: leadership, organizational influence, dissemination of knowledge, mentoring, and interdisciplinary collaboration.  Nominate yourself or a colleague today!

Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments - an online presence for all nurses interested in environmental health.  ANHE is a national organization that convenes individual nurses and nursing organizations to promote healthy people and healthy environments.

The Luminary Project – The Luminary Project: Nurses Lighting the Way to Environmental Health is a web-based effort to capture the illuminating stories of nurses’ activities to improve human health by improving the health of the environment.  Read about inspiriational nurses and their accomplishments, and post your own story.

Greening the OR-  It’s been estimated that 20-30% of the total waste generated by the hospital comes from the The operating room (OR).  The Greening the Operating Room Initiative by Practice Greenhealth provides tools for hospitals engaged in reducing the environmental impact of their OR.

PVC & Phthalate Reduction- DEHP is a chemical in the phthalate family that leaches from PVC plastics such as IV bags and tubing,  feeding tubes and syringes, and other medical devices.  DEHP has been shown to be a reproductive, hepatic and pulmonary toxicant.  Health Care Without Harm provides resources to help facilities purchase phthalate-free alternatives, particularly for especially vulnerable patients such as infants and children.

Working the Green Shift – a blog for nurses by nurses. Learn more about nurses taking action to green their hospitals.