Montgomery General Hospital is a leader in the field of sustainability in Maryland. The MGH Sustainability Team itself is impressive, with members from the following departments: Facilities Management, Environmental Services, Materials Management, Safety, Engineering, Nutritional Services, Nursing, Employee Health Services, Addiction & Mental Health Center, Emergency Management, Infection Control, BioMedical Engineering, Emergency Department, Pediatric Emergency Department, Cath Lab, Laboratory, Operating Room, Performance Improvement/Risk Management, Home Health, Nuclear Medicine, Marketing/Community Outreach, and Pharmacy. Several “Sustainability” projects have been the focus of the Sustainability Team, led by Odell Hall:


  1. A Pilot Program with the Maryland Pesticide Network (Integrated Pest Management) to review the pest management program and systems at MGH.
  2. E-Cycling: Working with the IT Department on this ongoing effort to keep electronics out of the waste stream and into the reuse and recycling streams.
  3. Earth Day Projects (“Earth Day Fair,” information stations, etc.) to educate staff.
  4. “Live Roof” Planning Project slated for fiscal year 2011 (lower north roof).
  5. Battery/Cell Phone recycling to support local efforts.
  6. Farmer’s Market to promote local and/or organic foods to staff, patients, and community members.
  7. Storm Water Conservation Project: MGH has begun working on ways to reclaim parts of onsite “wetlands” to improve run-off and educate community on these efforts.
  8. Implementation of Pharmaceutical Waste Program in coordination with MedStar Health.
  9. Complete elimination of Mercury.
  10. Implementation of “micro-fiber” mopping system to reduce water and chemical usage.
  11. Implementation of a Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste Project as renovations and remodeling of patient units occur later this year.


The results MGH’s efforts are impressive. Here is some statistical data for 2008:

  • 24% of general waste recycled
  • Reduced RMW by 3.5%
  • 185,651 lbs. of cardboard/paper/newspaper recycled
  • 12,600 lbs. of plastic recycled
  • 1,800 lbs. of steel/aluminum cans recycled
  • 4,600 lbs. of pallets recycled
  • 3,411 lbs. of computers/electronics recycled
  • 780 lbs. of toner cartridges recycled
  • 3,985 lbs of batteries
  • 2,100 lbs. of fluorescent lamps recycled
  • 4,600 lbs. of landscape (composting) recycled
  • 19,042 lbs. of Equipment Donated to third world countries and various shelters.


Finally, MGH’s developed a “Guide To Waste Management” Booklet which can be adopted by any facility for their use.


Contact: Odell Hall, Director of Facilities, Safety & Security,