MD H2E Trailblazer Education Series

You are invited to attend Anne Arundel Medical Center’s

Journey to LEED Certification

March 23rd, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Come learn about Anne Arundel Medical Center’s award-winning green initiatives!

As a winner of MD H2E’s 2010 Trailblazer Awards, AAMC is hosting an afternoon session about their sustainable successes.

On the menu:

  • USGBC and LEED for Health Care
  • Energy and Water Conservation
  • Recycling Programs
  • Green Guide for Health Care

USGBC and LEED for Health Care

Starting off the event is Lorraine Doo of the US Green Building Council. She will discuss LEED certification and the new LEED guide for Health Care.

Green Guide for Health Care

AAMC will discuss its role as a pilot project for the Green Guide for Health Care, a quantifiable sustainable design toolkit created in part by Health Care Without Harm.

Energy and Water Conservation

In building its new eight-story tower in accordance with LEED requirements, AAMC will save a significant amount of energy and water than a conventional building would. Fossil fuel consumption will be reduced up to 20% with use of an efficient HVAC system, dehumidification system, and more.

The new tower is also designed and built to reduce expected water usage by 33%. Step ponds have been designed to treat storm water runoff to reduce the flow of pollutants to the Chesapeake Bay. The green roof also minimizes water runoff. 80% of the 24,000 plants on campus were grown locally.

Recycling Programs

AAMC already has a program in place to recycle batteries and light balusters. This fall, a hospital-wide, commingled recycling program will be implemented. During construction of the new tower, 92.6% of the demolition materials were recycled. Recycled concrete was also used in building the tower.

The speakers:

  • Lorraine Doo, United States Green Building Council
  • Charlotte Wallace, RN, Environmental Action Relates To Health Advisors, Chair, Anne Arundel Medical Center
  • Carolyn Core, Sr. Vice-President, Corporate Services, Anne Arundel Health Services

Journey to LEED Certification, Anne Arundel Medical Center

Health Sciences Pavilion, 7th floor

2000 Medical Parkway

Annapolis, Maryland 21401

March 23rd, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Please RSVP to by March 16th

Priority is given to employees from any hospital or health system.

~ Snacks will be provided ~

This is the second in an ongoing Trailblazer education series.

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· Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Franklin Square — May, TBD

· Integrated Pest Management, Springfield Hospital Center— June 21st, 1:00 – 3:00 pm